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Dear Reader
I would like to offer your company the opportunity to be a sponsor in one of the fastest growing sports in the US.
My dream dates back to the age of seven, a desire to fish as a professional tournament angler and guide. I have now been involved in tournaments for fourteen years, throughout the Northeast, and have dedicated my efforts to understand and excel in the sport.
Involvement in the bass fishing industry will make your company visible to men and women of all ages. The many yearly tournaments, I am involved in, prove to be excellent events to distribute promotional items and have close interaction with fellow boaters and the general public.
As a sales representative in the printing and fulfillment industry, I understand the importance of customer interaction and will use my skill and knowledge to fully support your product and/or service.
Thank you for your time and courtesy, and for allowing me to introduce myself. In the following pages you will find articles, achievements and qualifications that will give you a glimpse into my lifelong passion. I am confident that my accomplishments will spark your interest in sponsorship program.
Thanks for visiting my website.

Louie Bernardo